Monday, January 03, 2011

New PR!

New 5K PR. Santa gave me a nice Christmas present. The RTW 5K Christmas Day edition 2010 was RD'ed by Jon Walk who volunteered to put this race on for tradition sake and because he loves this sport.

Allison and Alex also came for the first time. This was their 1st organized 5K race. On our way over, Allison stated that she wasn't going to race it, just to run it and check out the course. I told Alex to not kill himself trying to catch Allison because, he can't.

It was crazy cold for Houston. Temps in the 30's I think. Cold enough for gloves and long sleeves anyway.

I was excited because I haven't been to a RTW race in a very long time. I wasn't sure what I was capable of as the only speed work I've done lately was tempo running behind Allison on her long slow weekend runs. However, I did know that if I broke 24 by a few seconds, I was going to P.R. it.

Mile 1: 7:21 Alex did not heed my caution and ran out like a rabbit to chase down his sister. Sure enough, before first mile marker came into view, I passed him.
Mile 2: 7:51 Not sure why I slowed down so much?
Mile 3: 7:38 The Attanucci's pass me
0.1: 6:07 Heard foot steps. Sped up to not get passed.

Total: 23:26

Official Time: 23:25 P.R!

This broke 23:53 set on 4/26/08 at RTW.

I'm glad I am still able to improve my time. Hopefully, this is a good omen for my marathon later this month. I just need to nurse my right shins well. It has been getting more and more painful, forcing me to reduce mileage. I have my last 20 mile long run this week and will be starting my taper. Hopefully the leg will hold out.

Allison's Time: 22:44
Alex's Time: 29:01

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