Monday, November 15, 2010

Memorial Park

As per my last entry, I went over to Memorial Park after work last Wednesday. The real reason was to exchange my Houston Half tech shirt to a larger size. Apparently, a lot of runners had sizing issues with this year's shirt. Striders sent out an email about a shirt exchange for this date at Memorial Park. Since Wednesday was my free after work day, I decided to run at the park for old times sake. Come to realize that I had not run in Memorial since 2007. Wow.

And guess what? I loved it! The crushed granite still is an awesome running surface. The best part? The next day, there was zero joint issues what so ever. I am totally acclimated to running on concrete. However, you really can tell that natural surfaces are so much better for your bod. It definitely takes less pounding. That and the view is pretty good there at Memorial.

So now I'm thinking that I'll run there regularly on Wednesday nights after work. Change of scenery keeps running interesting. Amazing how running is an all terrain activity.

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