Saturday, November 06, 2010

Marathon Training

My 16 week marathon training has started. I am training for the upcoming Houston Marathon. Biggest question mark at this time is figuring out a target pace. My fastest is 9:59 pace so theoretically anything faster than that would be fine. However, I'd love to finish one in 9 min. Pace. We'll see how the training goes. After many years of running, my legs seem to tolerate daily running. I'm hoping for a greater mileage load than previous trainings.

Reflecting on my Houston Half, I was surprised to hear so many of my colleagues having a difficult race. For whatever reason, it did not affect me as much. I'm going to notch all of that to adjusting my pace for the conditions. My humblest moment of the race came during the first 8 miles. I saw Jim Braden very early on. He was half a block ahead of me. I planned on reeling him in. However, Jim slowly pulled away. I eventually lost sight of him after the 8 mile marker. Jim won his age group. The 75 year group I believe. WAY TO GO JIM!

Today's run called for a 6 miler. Allison wanted to come along, which meant that it was going to be a hard run for me to keep up with her slow run. We finished in 8:17 pace. I thought my lungs were going to explode in the chilly 36 degrees weather. I'm tickled to death that we have a common hobby. I just wish I can keep up with her better.

Run on friend!

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