Monday, November 08, 2010

Less Is Less

Running Shoes. Every runner has an opinion on what is best. I have one too. Ha ha. I have been on a multi year experiment with my running shoes. As my legs build up in strength, I feel I am able to step into shoes with less structure. I started out in Asics Kayanos, progressed down to GT series and am currently running in Cumulus. Well my latest buy is the current model 1160's. The latest version is lighter than my Cumulus, which in running shoes parlance means less support or cushion.

My ultimate goal is to have the most efficient gait possible and have least amount of shoes possible, all the while not ending up as a running cripple.

If these 1160's work out, they will become my weapon of choice for the Houston Marathon. I'll keep you posted on my experiment.

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