Monday, November 15, 2010

Cumulus 11, 1160 & NB 760 ST

The lighter shoes experiment continues. After a harsh intro to 1160's, I took em over to Memorial park last Wednesday and logged 2 loops. The legs did not protest and I cruised on for 9 min. pace. So the shoes isn't so bad after all. I figured that the heel of this shoes is lower than the ones on Cumulus and was causing my heel to strike the ground a little harder than normal. Let's just hope my feet learnt the new height and made necessary adjustments.

Thursday, just to be safe, I ran in my aging Cumulus. It is manifesting end of life characteristics but I was afraid to put 1160's back on for a road run.

I did the same for the 16 miler long run on Saturday. Incidentally, Saturday was rainy, breezy and in the 50's. Optional walking was not allowed. Just stopping to refill water bottles caused stiff muscles.

So 16 miles and the shins have not gotten any worse.

I was thinking hard and long about taking Sunday off from running when Allison asked if I wanted to log 45 minutes of running with her Sunday morning. So, Cumulus came along for it's farewell run. We ended up running 5 miles and change. Weather was colder, in the 40's, but it was dry. Short sleeves and gloves was perfect attire for this run. I was happy that I could maintain a 8:19 pace for this run after 16 miles on Sunday.

So, I thought about taking today off from running but just in case, I took my gym bag to work. A co-worker asked if I wanted to do a quick lunch time run. So why not. Except the only shoes I had were the 1160's. I was bracing for a rough ride but alas! My legs have adapted to the lower heels. I ended up running smoothly for about 30 minutes. Awesome!

Finally thought for the day. After a rough run last Tuesday, I went ahead and ordered a pair of NB 760's. At that time, I wasn't sure if I was going to make it in the 1160's so there were going to be my just in case runners. They are not that different from the 1160's sans gels but it seems to have a little more cushioning. I'll find out for sure tomorrow. God willing, I am planning on a nice lunch time 4 miler.

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