Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Next Up, 25K Race

Made my first long run post Chicago Marathon last Sunday. 16 miles in just under 10 min. pace. I think I'm almost recovered. There were still some lingering fatigue issues towards the end but the pacing was steady and nothing hurt.

I'm still marveling at my current state of fitness. I rolled out of bed commenting to my wife that I was off for a short 16 miler. Ha!

Tonight's near 4 miler in relaxed form felt really good. I'm very happy about the lack of pain anywhere. Looks like the weather will be a little on the warmer side. Hopefully, it will be good enough to maintain a decent pace.


David said...

I know too many runners that are hurting somewhere, lack of pain is always a plus (knock wood)

David said...

Have you ever seen the different funny subheadings on Keith's blog header?

BTW, I saw Jon Walk who was the PA announcer at the Toughest 10k (Kemah) this morning.
Take care,

K said...

So I am thinking you should start blogging again...