Monday, September 28, 2009

Trail Running

I had a nice easy 3 miler on tap for today. I figured it was short enough to give the old Jones Forest trails a go. A nice solitary run with not a sole but for small wild animals scampering ahead of me and a squirrel who was surprised to see a biped running towards him. He started to run at me then changed course after realizing I wasn't changing course. I of course was wondering if I ran across some demented squirrels that attacked bipeds.

The trails were nice on my joints but also reminded me very quickly why the cardio gets a better work out. I felt the effort and remembered to stay sharp to not trip over. By the way, the heat and humidity was turned on again today. I sweated profusely during my short run.

Only 2 more weeks to Chicago Marathon. This tapering business is the best. Looking forward to a short 5 miler on Wednesday. This one shall be on the roads.

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Jamoosh said...

You need to watch out for those Squirrel Gangs