Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Tapering. Best feeling in the world. Hard training is all done. A mini vacation before the main event. I was scheduled for a 5 mile run on Wednesday night but Tuesday night was too good to pass up. I had also gotten a new pair for Asics GT-2140's for the marathon and needed to be broken in. Not sure how to describe the sensation of running in brand new shoes for the first time but it feels like you're running on air (or gel in my case). The cushioning is just so right. My very first pair of running shoes were GT-2100. There was a pair of Adrenaline GTS-7 and a gifted Pearl Izumi (best looking shoes so far) but it has always been the GT's or Kayano's protecting my feet.

I now have no run scheduled until Saturday's 8 miler. The lazy ass in me is very content with that. The other me thinks I can add a 4 miler tomorrow without messing with my legs. Right now, I think the latter me is going to win out.

Long range forecast for Chicago is looking very promising. But with the summer we had here, I'm more worried about a cold wet sleeting type of weather. I couldn't really care less if it is going to be in the 90's.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Trail Running

I had a nice easy 3 miler on tap for today. I figured it was short enough to give the old Jones Forest trails a go. A nice solitary run with not a sole but for small wild animals scampering ahead of me and a squirrel who was surprised to see a biped running towards him. He started to run at me then changed course after realizing I wasn't changing course. I of course was wondering if I ran across some demented squirrels that attacked bipeds.

The trails were nice on my joints but also reminded me very quickly why the cardio gets a better work out. I felt the effort and remembered to stay sharp to not trip over. By the way, the heat and humidity was turned on again today. I sweated profusely during my short run.

Only 2 more weeks to Chicago Marathon. This tapering business is the best. Looking forward to a short 5 miler on Wednesday. This one shall be on the roads.