Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week #4 in the Bag

This was one of the easier weeks of my 16 week training program. I guess it was to let me recover from last week's 14 miler. Next week's schedule is back on track towards marathon distance. I have on schedule, an easy 2 miler, 6 mile tempo run with warm up, cool down and 8:36 pace for 4 miles in the middle, and a 16 mile long run. Then for the next 2 weeks, the long slow run climbs to 18 miles and 20 miles respectively.

Today's run was an easy 6 again which was the these for all the runs this week. I promised to run 3 with Alex this morning at 6:30 so I left at 6 to put in the first 3 miles by myself. Feeling good and having cooler weather to play with this morning, I elected to add a little speed work by warming up then running as fast as I could for 1 mile and then cooling down. I managed to clock 7:45 pace during the middle mile with peak speed of 6:43 pace according to my Garmin. These times are about 30 seconds off my peak from last year but that's understandable since I haven't paid much attention to 5K distances or speed work during that time.

Today I'm retiring my Asics Gel-Kayano 14's. One very big positive about this particular model for me has been the fact that I've never had a blister in these shoes. In fact, these are the first pair of shoes ever to never give me blisters on my long runs. Unfortunately, I came to this realization too late as this model has been superseded late last year and all the remaining stock in my size has been sold out now. I'm not sure why these did not give me blisters but it felt as if the toe box on the 14's were roomier than 11, 12 and 13's I've worn. Somehow these were just right. I've bought a pair of 2130's which are also last year's model. I'm hoping Asics had the same design philosophy on the 2130's as they did on the 14's. We shall see. I'm breaking the new ones next week. I'll find out on the 16 miler whether these are keepers or not.

Happy Trails!


David said...

You are working on some big miles in this heat. Good shoe always help...I'm on the lookout for a good wrist sweat band. Luckily I don't have a half until Dec. I also got lucky signing up for Houston Friday night after it opened....both the half and full are sold out!

TX Runner Mom said...

You're making me very glad I am not doing a fall marathon...all those miles in the heat! You're doing great, so keep up the good worj!