Saturday, July 11, 2009

Penguin Sport Wash Results

Time for Penguin Sport Wash update. I just went over to my dryer to sniff at tech clothes. Yes, it is a strange site to be sniffing clothes but I've been trying out a couple of different brands here. My first impression was the smallness of the cap. WIN detergent came with a larger cap that looked like a Tide liquid detergent cap. You pour a full cup for a full load and half cup for half load. Simple. Penguin is a little vague here. The cap is smaller but there is no instruction other than, use one capful. For what size load? There is no answer. I resist the urge to pour two capfuls. After the wash, I sniffed all over getting strange looks from my dog. There is no fragrance and I'm confused because the clothes don't stink but it doesn't smell good either. There is a vague hint of vinegarish smell. I'm now wondering if I didn't use enough detergent. But after a delicate drying cycle, the clothes come out smelling neutral. It doesn't smell at all. There is no locker room smell nor is there any fragrance. It's just neutral. I guess I'm just not used to that.

I'll see if their claims of restoring wicking power to older tech clothes is true next time I go running.

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TX Runner Mom said...

Thanks for the review...lemme know abou the wicking. When my DH does the laundry, he always forgets not to put the workout clothes in the dryer and uses fabric softener. I am pretty sure they don't wick anything anymore.