Saturday, July 11, 2009

Be a Runner

Week 3 of 16 for Chicago Marathon in the bag. This week was tough. The heat and humidity combination has been hovering in the danger zone all week. Not much fun with maintaining pace at the distances I was supposed to be at this week. I remember how this used to bother me during my first year of running back in 2004. Now I just shrug the shoulder and look for any positives. This week's positives are the fact that I was out there running in the heat. 4 miles at 6 PM on Tuesday afternoon, temps in the upper 90's. Who does that? That was just a recovery run so there was no pressure except to finish. Thursday's run was supposed to be a tempo run and stupid me, tried to run the 8:30 pace. Ran that for a mile and a half before succumbing to heat. But the 5 miles were complete. Temps were 98 when I started. Who does that? This morning started out at 75 at 6:30 but once the sun peaked out, it quickly went over into the mid 80's. Weather channel said the humidity at 6:30 was 99%. 99%? Who runs in that crap?

Apparently I do. Conditions that might kill an average American is what us runners here in Southern Texas just run through. Adapting to the conditions by slowing down, hydrating extensively and looking out for signs of heat stroke. I saw a lot of us out there today. We're just a lean mean running machine.

If you want to be a runner, there are multitudes of running organizations out there in the Houston area. Go join one. You'll find out that they are all just regular folks like yourself that made a lifestyle choice.

I'm recovering at my favorite spot. Starbucks. Enjoying my frst cup of coffee and pondering what to eat. I burnt 1800 calories. I can eat a huge meal and not tip my body weight balance. That would be one of the side benefits of running.


Vic said...

You're so right, Holden. Just get the distance done and look out come October/November.

Jamoosh said...

Starbucks - huh. My favorite recovery spot would be a bar. Probably why you are afaster than I!