Monday, June 29, 2009

Week #1 Recap

Week #1 just officially got done half an hour ago. With travel schedule and general tiredness coupled with record breaking heat, I'd missed Thursday run. But I mostly made it up on Saturday by running 3 with Alex and then running RTW 5K. Although, I had to take a walking break during mile 3. I can't remember the last time I had to do that at a 5K race. Make that never. I was running a nice tempo pace with Karen. We chatted during the run. It was more of a laboured conversation as the speed was not conducive for easy conversation (at least for me). But passed the 2 mile mark, I felt myself overheating quite nicely and before the final turn into Crownridge, I had to slow down and eventually take a walk break. Karen seemed to be fit as ever. She maintained her pace and finished strong. I hadn't spoken to Karen in a very long time so notch this as good fun run.

Sunday's long run was planned as a 10 miler but by a mile into the run, I shortened it to an 8 miler. It was hot, humid and hot. The heat index even at 6 AM was unbearable. I had sweat running down my shoes by the 4th mile. That is a record in itself. I slogged it out though and made it home in one piece. Thus the mileage shortage. Today, was a rest day but I got out of bed for a short 2.24 miles around my neighborhood.

Up next is a 5 miler recovery run tomorrow. With the unusually warm weather around here, all paces seem to regress towards recovery/survival pace. Better than lounging around inside air conditioned home I suppose.