Saturday, March 28, 2009

RTW 5K (3/28/09 Edition)

I woke up with 40 minutes to the start of this 5K.  Thank goodness I only live a couple of miles away from it.  This morning was cold!  39 degrees when I stepped out of the car.  Even with gloves, the hands were chilly.  Thank goodness for long sleeves and gloves.  Today's goal was to go under 24 minutes and possibly break an 11 month old P.R. of 23:53.

M1:  7:33
M2:  7:54
M3:  7:56
0.1:  0:36

Overall:  23:58 (P.R. time:  23:53)
Pace:  7:47
Shoes:  Asics Kayano 14 (109.4 miles)

As it usually happens to me in 5K races, I went out too fast, at one point, registering 6:33/mile pace on the Garmin.  Totally unsustainable.  This lack of strategy might have cost me the precious 6 seconds I needed to set a new P.R.  I felt pretty strong all the way until the last half mile which needed all of my concentration to fight the urge to throw up.  This was interesting as I only had a few gulps of Gatorade 20 minutes before the start of the race.

I'm quite sure I have a P.R. in me somewhere and I hope to get it before the weather turns hot.  2 more chances in April.


TX Runner Girl said...

Hang in there...I know you'll get your PR!

David said...

Good effort at RTW! You must have started out too fast like I did at TIR leg 18.