Sunday, March 01, 2009

Final Tune Ups for TIR

Last Wednesday night run was conducted with a new LED light that clips on to the bill of a cap.  It worked very well.  The illumination wasn't the best but you could make out all the major hazards ahead of you.  Best of all, it is the least obtrusive light I've tried so far.  You can' really feel it on you.  That plus blinkies and reflective belt, I am ready for night running.

However, I've developed a nagging pain on my left leg, just above my ankles on the outer side.  Possible delayed pain resulting from soccer games.  I'm taking this weekend off from any kind of serious running to rest my legs.  I'll go for a 6 miler this Wednesday.  Hopefully, the pain will be gone by then.

I'm also going to leave my Pearl Izumi's home and take my old pair of Kayano 13's as my back up shoes.  No sense in taking something unproven to a long journey when your 10 team mates are counting on you.

TIR is only a week away!  How cool is that?

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Adrienne said...

Very cool indeed! See ya in a week!