Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Training for TIR

Short distance runs are cool because I don't bonk in those.  This year, all I need to do is better than 9 minute pace to satisfy my captain.  With that in mind, last night's run was perfect.

Mile 1:  8:35
Milw 2:  8:58
Mile 3:  9:18
Mile 4:  9:02
0.1 mile:  1:00

8:59 pace - I slacked in the 3rd mile - too deep in some thought.

2 blog posts in one day?  What's up with that?


Evan Guy said...

Have we met? Good to see you posting up...

Steeeve said...

This is without a doubt a galaxy class posting ;-)

TX Runner Girl said...

Welcome back to blogging! :-)

K said...

Be still my heart... he returns!

David said...

That run was a good confidence builder for TIR!