Monday, February 16, 2009

Training for Texas Independence Relay

I told my team captain that I'll maintain 9 minute pace.  So I've been concentrating on tempo runs just under that pace for the past 2 weeks.  From last year's experience, maintaining pace during the first day is not hard.  It is during the night and the following day when fatigue sets in that you have problems.  These are also the self doubting times.  "Why am I running at 3 AM in the middle of southeast Texas with a mace, blinkers and Red Bull?  "This was fun for about 12 hours.  Now?  What are we doing now.  We still have about 90 miles to go and Houston lights are no where to be seen."  But then you see the exchange point and your teammates and your energy level soars.  Content that you finished your leg, glad you did not let your team down.

Normally, I wouldn't run 3 days in a row but I took today off to be with the kids.  So not wanting to let a free day go to waste and not wanting to waste a 40 something temperature, I laced on my new Pearl Izumi's and headed for a nice 4 miler.

M1:  9:12
M2:  8:57
M3:  9:01
M4:  8:49
0.12:  1:00

Pace:  8:59
Distance:  4.12 Miles
Shoes:  Pearl Izumi SyncroInfinity (9.4 miles)

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TX Runner Girl said...

LOL, I am sure it is interesting running at 3 am on a dark road somewhere! I hate that I have to miss out on all the fun!