Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Running With Alex

Alex, my 11 year old son decided that he didn't much like of any sport offered at Jr. High he will be attending this fall.  So for P.E., he elected Cross Country Running as his choice.  I guess he was thinking, "how hard could it be?  Dad runs and runs..."  He's currently going through allergy shots as he is allergic to various pollen and stuff but he has asked me to get him fit enough to run a 5K distance without walking by the start of next school year.  (Jr. High X-Country is 2 miles?) So this weekend, we officially started his running.

We ran 1.1 mile on Saturday at 9:45 pace and 1.1 on Sunday at 9:58 pace.  Since his mom wouldn't let him run during weekdays (dad comes home too late for day light) we will be running weekend mornings only for a while.  We have set Muddy Trails 5K as his goal and debut race (April something).  But based on 10% increases in his distance weekly, I think we might also make the second RTW 5K in March.  This will be cool.  Once he puts on a bib, I think he'll get hooked.


K said...

LOL.... If dad can do it, how hard could it be??

Thanks for the smile!!

David said...

Way to go Alex! Muddy Trails is great time and a terrfic goal to keep Alex motivated. I had a great time there last year, and need to put that one on my calendar!