Saturday, February 14, 2009

RTW 5K - Valentine's Day Edition

After completing the Alex run, I rushed over to RTW 5K for some speed training.  I made it with 5 minutes to spare.  While standing around at the starting area,  said Hi to a runner standing next to me.  He happened to be Mike Lukas, the owner of Luke's Locker.  He introduced me to his whole family.  His wife and his two kids were also running the race.  That was pretty cool.  Running Store owner who's whole family runs.  He was very gracious and approachable.  Dude standing to the other side of me was Evan Guy.  Our blogging and FB regular guy dude.  Evan was there with 2 dogs.  Although, at the end of the race, he only had one dog with him.  I wonder what happened.  I think today was also the first RTW race where I came in before Evan.  But I suspect, that was due to an issue with one of his dogs.  Before the start of the race, I saw our trail pro and regular dirt runner, Mr. Cook.  He looked as healthy as one can be despite running 100 miles the previous weekend in Huntsville.

How was my race?  The excitement at the start caused me to literally "sprint" around the parking lot.  I noticed my pace on the Garmin register 6:04.  I don't think I ever ran that fast...ever.  What the heck was I trying to do?  Crazy.  Anyway, I let off the gas and cruised comfortably in 8 something pace for the rest of the way.
Weather:  Perfection - 50 something with low humidity
Time:  24:44
Pace:  7:59
Mile 1:  7:39
Mile 2:  8:17
Mile 3:  8:16
0.1:  0:32
There was a big group today.  Suzie Schrieber brought her Luke's group with her.  There was also a walking group.  I'm glad this 5K keeps perpetuating itself.  It is so close to home and cheap that I can't believe how lucky I am to be so close to it.
After the run, I saw Jim Braden.  I congratulated him for his recent age group wins.  I told him that I shall call him Master O B Wan for now and if he keeps winning when he turns 80, that I shall change his title to Master Yoda.  Jim started running when he was 39 so I still have hope and aspiration to be like him when I'm 70 something.
Last but not least, The Woodland's other running fixture, Debbie Tripp was there running the course.

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