Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Run With Pearl Izumi SyncroInfinity

Alex and I were supposed to do our 1.2 mile run at 7 AM.  I peeked into his room but he was still deep in his dream world.  So I decided to do a slow recovery run from yesterday's 5K race.  Before I could go out though, I fiddled around with the Syncro's laces to get them just right.  The shoe didn't give me a "snug" feel but not wanting to waste too much time, I opened the garage door and ... hesitated.  It was drizzling in the cold grey drizzle kind of way.
5 seconds later, I'm standing outside, waiting for Garmin to synchronize with satellites.  After all, I was all dressed up for a run and didn't want to waste it.  Shoes looked cool.  It doesn't look like anything I've worn before.  Once I got going, the shoes felt fine.  After about half a mile, they felt like they fitted me much more snuggly than the Kayano's.  The cushioning and support felt good also.  Of course, this isn't very hard to do when the shoes is new and you're only running a 4 mile route but never the less, a good start.
The drizzle never let up and on certain directions, I had a full frontal breeze that cut into your bones.  Thank goodness the temps were not that low and I was building up enough body heat.

Run Summary:
Mile 1:  9:29
Mile 2:  9:27
Mile 3:  9:07
Mile 4:  9:00
0.12:  1:01 (8:33 Pace)

Pace:  9:15
Shoes:  Pearl Izumi SyncroInfinity (4.12 miles)

Nice short negative splitting easy run.

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Nice run!