Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alex & Me (& wife & daughter & dog)

Saturday morning, 6:45 AM, house was quiet as it can be, not even the dog was up.  Well by 7, everyone was up and wanted to go out for a run including the dog.  Today was Alex's 3rd training day and we were going to put 10% increase in his distance.  That came out to 1.2 miles.
Inspired by Alex, the whole family came out to run.
1.2 Miles:  11:55 (9:57 Pace)
Alex's breathing was much better than last week.  His pacing was also more constant.  I think he is warming up to the goals and pacing of running.
Allison said the pacing was too slow so she took off on her own and posted a 6 something pace for 2 miles on her new Under Armour Spectre she convinced me to buy her last night.
Mom did fine.  So did the dog, except it decided to poop half mile into the run and I had to stop, scoop and then sprint to catch up with Alex.

Next Alex Run:  Sunday morning at 7.  Another 1.2 miles.

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