Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alex, Allison, Hunter & Me

Day 4 of Alex's 5K training.  He ran easier today than yesterday.  I'm trying to slow him down to concentrate on distance rather than speed.  Plus trying not to burn him out.  Allison couldn't loiter at our speed and so she took off.  The dog tried to run after Allison but alas, the leash would not let him.  Yesterday, he pooped during the run, at one point, I was running with leash in one hand and poop bag on the other.  That must have been pretty interesting.

Winning points from my teenager:  Allison commented today that my Pearl Izumi's looked pretty cool.  Not sure what that means but I'll take any compliments from a teenager as being good.  Unless she was making me feel a little better after having finagled a pair of Under Armour running shoes from me last Friday.

Run Summary:

1.2 miles:  11:26
Pace:  9:33

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TX Runner Girl said...

Great job on the run!