Wednesday, February 18, 2009

6 Miler Recovery From Soccer

I'd never thought I needed a recovery run from soccer.  But I did.  Last night was our final game of the winter season and it could not have come sooner for me.  All that sprinting and abrupt vector changes were wreaking a havoc on the joints.  During the last two games, I became increasingly sluggish.  So to shake off my stiff joints, I went for a nice easy 6 miler from the Y.  A course that took me south on Gosling, east on Lake Woodlands, over the bridge (part of 10 for Texas course) all the way to the stop light, turn around and return.  Half way through, I ran out of day light and was pretty much running in the dark.  Best part was running over the bridge, with street lights, lights reflecting off the lake and heaven studded with stars, it was a pretty amazing sight.  Some part of this run was in near complete darkness and I was hoping that no errant debris was laying in wait for me to roll my ankle in.  Turned out to be another great training run for the TIR.

Tonight, I ran in my trusty Asics Kayanos.  Just so it won't get too jealous of my Pearl Izumis...

Distance:  6 Miles
Time:  57:16
Pace:  9:33
Calories:  785 kcal
Shoes:  Asics Gel-Kayano 14 (30.5 miles)

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David said...

nothin' worse than a pesky pine cone in the path! see you soon.