Wednesday, February 11, 2009

31 hours with 11 other sweaty folks

Yup.  Texas Independence Relay is almost upon us.  Which I'm sure would count as some kind of social behavioral experiment since 6 folks share cramped quarters of a van while being sleep deprived, sweaty stinky and eating funky food.  All the while looking for relay exchange points. Why do we pay to do this?  Because we're Americans!  That's what we do.

More TIR training.  Tonight's run almost wasn't but the beauty of blogs and Facebook is that once you say you're going to do something, it is hard to back out less Karen calls you a lazy wimp.

Mile 1:  8:45
Mile 2:  8:39
Mile 3:  9:16
Mile 4:  8:57
Mile 5:  8:58
Mile 6:  8:54
0.1:  0:53

Overall:  8:55 Pace
Calories Burnt:  786
Shoes:  20.2 miles on Asics Kayano 14

Tomorrow night:  Soccer match!

Wow, blogging 2 nights in a row...  Duuuuude!


David said...

And new Kayanos to boot!

K said...

I would never do that!!!

Just holding you accountable, buddy!