Monday, December 15, 2008


Good News:  I P.R.'ed. (3:23:02 - 10:50 pace) and burnt an estimated 2,472 calories.
Bad News:  Nothing really impressive to write home about.

Legs were only good for the first 2/3 of the race.  My gait must have changed on this hard pounding concrete with weak achilles and all.  I'm generally sore on parts I used to not be sore after a long run.

Here's a mile by mile break down.

Mile 1:  9:40
Mile 2:  9:29
Mile 3:  9:29
Mile 4:  10:21
Mile 5:  9:26
Mile 6:  9:58
Mile 7:  9:35
Mile 8:  10:05
Mile 9:  11:01
Mile 10:  9:44
Mile 11:  11:54
Mile 12:  10:01
Mile 13:  12:50
Mile 14:  11:51
Mile 15:  12:16
Mile 16:  12:07
Mile 17:  12:01
Mile 18:  12:35
0.75 miles:  8:42

I had to stop twice to adjust lacing on the shoes.  Too tight, then too loose then just right.  Then I had to reposition my right socks as it was rubbing weird and I could feel a start of a nasty blister. Got much better after adjustment.  The achilles also decided to alternate pain from one ankle to the other but never at the same time.  What's up with that?

High Point:  Seeing Adrienne barreling down during the first loop not too far behind the overall winner Heidi Lozano.  I was so proud of my club mate that the words, "Go Adrienne!!" jumped out of my vocal chords automatically.

Low Point:  Cramping up during the last 3 or 4 miles.  I even brought endurolytes caplets to mitigate this issue but left it in the car.  Doh!

High Point:  Hanging out around club tent after the run.  Oh how so much more fun these events have become because of the familiar faces I get to see.


Adrienne said...

Thanks for your encouragement out there! Congrats on the PR! Just check your shoes before your TIR legs in a few mos...J/K!

Jamoosh said...

Woo hoo!

David said...

Good run! That's the hardest ground on a course I can remember running (2005). It's interesting to see the faster runners barreling by too.