Sunday, November 09, 2008

Trail or Road?

As I nurse my achilles (thanks for the helpful inputs!) this morning, I'm pondering whether I should run Sunmart 50K or Sugarland 30K.  The problem with the 30K is it's super boring course.  If only I can find a nicer 30K race nearby.  Not much issue on Sunmart except I need to get a really long practice run in sometime before Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, this coffee taste dang good so I'll just enjoy the moment and decide later today.


K said...

See how you feel on that day and then decide...

But for goodness sake, don't let that coffee get cold! said...

Some people do both. Especially since they're not on the same weekend this year.

I reevaluate my plans after San Antonio.

See I think that the Sugar Land's three loops is better than the Half Marathon and the 25K. It just never seemed that long.