Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some Sharing, Some Running

Beautiful weekend.  Great running weather.  I experienced my first water stop volunteering on Saturday at the 10 for Texas race.  It was the last water stop.  Perfect running temperature means cold shivering weather for the water stop volunteers.  It was chilly and windy.  Pretty exciting watching the runners go by.  Our team worked flawlessly.  I guess it's because we were there because we wanted to be not because we had to be.  I suppose that's the difference between a job and a hobby.

Later in the day, I went to see the new Bond flick.  Highly disappointing.  Daniel's first 007 was much much better.

Sunday, I ran.  First run since Rocky.  Right heel is still stiff and got stiffer towards the end of the run.  Perhaps the cold weather played part.  I did get up before sun was out but saw frost on the lawn and did not really feel like shivering.  I figured I did enough shivering Saturday to last me a while.  So I went back to bed and ran much later in the morning.  I managed a 9:50 pace as I was just out for a nice long run (9.2 miles on the Garmin).  I came back so famished that I ate two slices of wheat bread just slathered heavily with organic almond butter.  A hot bath and a long nap pretty much defined the rest of today.  Needless to say, I got nothing much done.


elf said...

Holden, I didn't know that you were out there! I have to say (and a blog entry on it will be forthcoming), that you all might just put on the best race in the area. That was a fantastic event--everything about it was first class. Thanks for a great experience! said...

As I posted on Karen's blog, I can't begin to tell you how indebted I am for the help that you provided Bill and I in our efforts to be able to create a vehicle to recognize those in our sports in Montgomery County.

Thank you again!