Thursday, November 27, 2008

Run Through The Woods 5 Miler

First time for everything.  First time signing up for a race on race day.  Lots and lots of runners showed up.  This was my second 5 miler race ever.  It is an unusual distance.  You're not sure if you should run like a 3 miler or like a 10K.  I thought I ran a pretty good race but was not able to beat myself from 2 years ago.

2006:  42:03
2008:  43:18 (8:40/mile pace)

What's up with that?

Karen was there on her first race back from her hip injury.  Jon was doing P.A. duty at the finish line with Debbie Tripp.  Bill Dwyer was of course there as a coach, club member and as a general ambassador to local running.  Egg and I came out to give out pancakes and sausage patties.  Community Coffee and pancakes after a nice 5 mile run tasted pretty yummy.  Strangely, I saw a bunch of runners wolfing down pancakes before the race started.  Hmmmm.

Just as I thought back in '06, it's odd that this race bills itself as running through The Woodlands but it really doesn't.  Vast majority of running is done in Oak Ridge, on the other side of I-45.  There really isn't woody area that we run through.  What's up with that?

What's up with me keep saying what's up with that?


Jamoosh said...

Yeah, what's up with that?

K said...

Gosh, Holden, what's up with you?!

Glad you came today!

David said...

I've run it a couple of times and only saw the woods from a distance! I think they picked the name before the course...what's up with that? said...

I'm pretty sure that it originally was just on the west side of the Freeway.

TX Runner Girl said...

Pancakes before the race, what's up with that? LOL!