Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Robbed While Running

Amex left me a message about suspicious activity on my card while I was out running tonight.  Someone apparently tried to go to town at a JC Penney somewhere in Texas with my card number.  Funny thing is, the card is not lost, it is still in my wallet.  What the heck.  Amex managed to stop all charges except the first one for $300.  Now I need to wait for my statement to see what else went wry besides that and report it in.

9:40 pace for the my 4 mile run.


Evan Guy said...

While it hasn't happened in a while now (knocking on wood), my accounts used to get jacked all the time!

One night someone was buying lingerie from Frederick's of Hollywood, expensive shoes in France, Nintendo games from Sears, $2,600 in all...bummer deal, hope they make it right.

WalkSports.com said...

Can't you sign in online to check your account - instead of waiting for the paper statement?

Holden said...

I did but the recent activity is not an official statement. You have to wait until it is an official statement. Not that it makes any sense.

Jamoosh said...

Crap! That sucks.

K said...

Stinky Pete! I had to put a fraud alert on my account while in Colorado last month.

Apparently, an employee of Countrywide sold our information to people... Nice!

Hope they set things right for you!