Sunday, November 23, 2008

Long but Short

16.6.  I was hoping for 18.6.  I mapped out a course that took me from my house to Northshore Parkand back that I thought was about 9 miles one way.  Nope, it was 8.3 miles.  So I thought I'd run along my 4 mile neighborhood loop once I returned.  But nope, I was totally out of energy.  All probably because I hadn't eaten anything significant the last 3 days.  I grabbed a nice cold Gatorade out of garage fridge and sprawled myself out on the driveway, guzzling.  Neighbors probably thought I was weird.  I am I suppose.

10.22/mile pace.

Powergel Tangerine is revolting.  I had 2 packets of that.  Yuk.


Jill said...

I tried the PG tangerine today, also. At first I didn't think it was too bad, then the after taste kicked in. YICK!!!

K said...

I would love weird neighbors like you... instead I have weird neighbors that are permanently weird.

TX Runner Girl said...

I've been trying new flavors this season and I've decided I'll just stick to my old favorite - Vanilla Bean Gu!