Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Achilles Tendon

You really don't miss it until it hurts.  Which is true pretty much all the time when you hurt some part of your body.  During the last 4 years of running, I've become intimate with many bodily parts that I did not really think too much about during my first 38 years of my life.  Just walk up to anyone on the street and ask where their plantar faciatis is (did I even spell that right?).  Or that you have iliotibial band syndrome.  See how they react.

Achilles was bearable today so I went out for another nice night run.  It hurts a little less today.  So, hopefully, this means that by Saturday, I'll be feeling pretty OK.  Huntsville, here I come.

Switching gears, congratulations to President Elect Obama.  I did not vote for the dude but he is our President, my president so let's get on with the next 4 years.  If history repeats itself, the Republicans will take back the house and senate during the mid term elections just like during Clinton years.  That folks, is only 2 years away.


Adrienne said...

You could always do an ice bath!! :)

K said...

Ice, ice, baby... said...

Just don't come to Huntsville sick in the morning like you did in '06 at the 50K! :)