Saturday, November 08, 2008

2008 Rocky Raccoon 25K

Holden breaks last year's time.  

2007:  2:55:53 (11:19 pace)

2008:  2:55:11 (11:13 pace)

Now that I look at it side by side, it should be, "Holden matches last year's time by staying within statistical variable.  Weather and park conditions were beautiful.  Jon Walk was there with his daughter Waverly.  I suppose saying that Jon was at a race I was at is like saying, "I ran at the race."  Ken Johnson of 7 Hills was also present.  Other than almost wiping out 3 times tripping over roots with my right achilles aching foot kept me focusing on the trail.  Sometimes I wonder whether almost wiping out is harder on the body than actually wiping out.  One of these days, I'll just fall down rather than flailing my arms and legs in my attempt to stay vertical.

Best part, I burnt away 2,000 calories.  I can eat whatever I want today.  Yipeee!


Crosstrain said...

Congratulations Holden, great run again. I hate to be another pain to you but be very careful with that Achilles. You do NOT want it to be chronic (like mine). You want to take care of it while it is an acute injury and not let it progress to chronic stage. Unless you want to switch to cycling and swimming.

Adrienne said...

Congrats! Watch out for those roots! The skin on my knees will never be the same!

Statistical variables are overrated!

K said...

WooHoo!! Ice that Achilles and listen to Joe! We can't risk losing any of our TIR mates!!

Steeeve said...


Streaker said...

You are right, Holden. It is better to fall than go through the motions to avoid falling. The last two times I pulled my hamstring was while I was trying to avoid falling on the trails. Falling only skins up your knees, bt they heal quickly. Good to see you at Rocky Raccoon yesterday and congratulations on a good finish time.

Jamoosh said...

A PR is a PR is a PR. Statistical variation - bah! Heck a Statistics Major could probably prove you ran this years race slower than last years, even though the time belies that.

Bert said...

Congrats on the Rocky Raccoon; I know how tough it is having run it myself a few years ago. Took several tumbles!

As for the achilles tendon, I went through that same deal, injuring it (acute stage) in the TIR last March. Then I continued training for Boston (which would have late April) but the achilles wouldn't respond. Until I pretty much stopped running for several weeks. Every time I would start (prematurely) it would start to creak when I flexed my foot. The ortho referred to it as 'crepitus' even sounds scary. So be really careful with that injury.