Thursday, November 27, 2008

Run Through The Woods 5 Miler

First time for everything.  First time signing up for a race on race day.  Lots and lots of runners showed up.  This was my second 5 miler race ever.  It is an unusual distance.  You're not sure if you should run like a 3 miler or like a 10K.  I thought I ran a pretty good race but was not able to beat myself from 2 years ago.

2006:  42:03
2008:  43:18 (8:40/mile pace)

What's up with that?

Karen was there on her first race back from her hip injury.  Jon was doing P.A. duty at the finish line with Debbie Tripp.  Bill Dwyer was of course there as a coach, club member and as a general ambassador to local running.  Egg and I came out to give out pancakes and sausage patties.  Community Coffee and pancakes after a nice 5 mile run tasted pretty yummy.  Strangely, I saw a bunch of runners wolfing down pancakes before the race started.  Hmmmm.

Just as I thought back in '06, it's odd that this race bills itself as running through The Woodlands but it really doesn't.  Vast majority of running is done in Oak Ridge, on the other side of I-45.  There really isn't woody area that we run through.  What's up with that?

What's up with me keep saying what's up with that?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Long but Short

16.6.  I was hoping for 18.6.  I mapped out a course that took me from my house to Northshore Parkand back that I thought was about 9 miles one way.  Nope, it was 8.3 miles.  So I thought I'd run along my 4 mile neighborhood loop once I returned.  But nope, I was totally out of energy.  All probably because I hadn't eaten anything significant the last 3 days.  I grabbed a nice cold Gatorade out of garage fridge and sprawled myself out on the driveway, guzzling.  Neighbors probably thought I was weird.  I am I suppose.

10.22/mile pace.

Powergel Tangerine is revolting.  I had 2 packets of that.  Yuk.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Robbed While Running

Amex left me a message about suspicious activity on my card while I was out running tonight.  Someone apparently tried to go to town at a JC Penney somewhere in Texas with my card number.  Funny thing is, the card is not lost, it is still in my wallet.  What the heck.  Amex managed to stop all charges except the first one for $300.  Now I need to wait for my statement to see what else went wry besides that and report it in.

9:40 pace for the my 4 mile run.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Taste Like Chicken

Not really.  But I did chicken out of Sunmart 50K and instead signed up to run the 30K out of Sugarland.  And so it goes.  Next weekend, I'll try to put together a long 18 mile run through The Woodlands.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  Achilles Too.  In honor of chickens, I'll have to make sure I pass by a Chik-Fil-A on the long run.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Some Sharing, Some Running

Beautiful weekend.  Great running weather.  I experienced my first water stop volunteering on Saturday at the 10 for Texas race.  It was the last water stop.  Perfect running temperature means cold shivering weather for the water stop volunteers.  It was chilly and windy.  Pretty exciting watching the runners go by.  Our team worked flawlessly.  I guess it's because we were there because we wanted to be not because we had to be.  I suppose that's the difference between a job and a hobby.

Later in the day, I went to see the new Bond flick.  Highly disappointing.  Daniel's first 007 was much much better.

Sunday, I ran.  First run since Rocky.  Right heel is still stiff and got stiffer towards the end of the run.  Perhaps the cold weather played part.  I did get up before sun was out but saw frost on the lawn and did not really feel like shivering.  I figured I did enough shivering Saturday to last me a while.  So I went back to bed and ran much later in the morning.  I managed a 9:50 pace as I was just out for a nice long run (9.2 miles on the Garmin).  I came back so famished that I ate two slices of wheat bread just slathered heavily with organic almond butter.  A hot bath and a long nap pretty much defined the rest of today.  Needless to say, I got nothing much done.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Trail or Road?

As I nurse my achilles (thanks for the helpful inputs!) this morning, I'm pondering whether I should run Sunmart 50K or Sugarland 30K.  The problem with the 30K is it's super boring course.  If only I can find a nicer 30K race nearby.  Not much issue on Sunmart except I need to get a really long practice run in sometime before Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, this coffee taste dang good so I'll just enjoy the moment and decide later today.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

2008 Rocky Raccoon 25K

Holden breaks last year's time.  

2007:  2:55:53 (11:19 pace)

2008:  2:55:11 (11:13 pace)

Now that I look at it side by side, it should be, "Holden matches last year's time by staying within statistical variable.  Weather and park conditions were beautiful.  Jon Walk was there with his daughter Waverly.  I suppose saying that Jon was at a race I was at is like saying, "I ran at the race."  Ken Johnson of 7 Hills was also present.  Other than almost wiping out 3 times tripping over roots with my right achilles aching foot kept me focusing on the trail.  Sometimes I wonder whether almost wiping out is harder on the body than actually wiping out.  One of these days, I'll just fall down rather than flailing my arms and legs in my attempt to stay vertical.

Best part, I burnt away 2,000 calories.  I can eat whatever I want today.  Yipeee!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Achilles Tendon

You really don't miss it until it hurts.  Which is true pretty much all the time when you hurt some part of your body.  During the last 4 years of running, I've become intimate with many bodily parts that I did not really think too much about during my first 38 years of my life.  Just walk up to anyone on the street and ask where their plantar faciatis is (did I even spell that right?).  Or that you have iliotibial band syndrome.  See how they react.

Achilles was bearable today so I went out for another nice night run.  It hurts a little less today.  So, hopefully, this means that by Saturday, I'll be feeling pretty OK.  Huntsville, here I come.

Switching gears, congratulations to President Elect Obama.  I did not vote for the dude but he is our President, my president so let's get on with the next 4 years.  If history repeats itself, the Republicans will take back the house and senate during the mid term elections just like during Clinton years.  That folks, is only 2 years away.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Not the movie muscle hunk version but my itty bitty ones.  Right leg is still stiff and sore from last Tuesday's soccer practice.  So much so that I opted out of our first game, which is being played as I type this.

Never the less, I went out last night to test the achilles out on a 4 mile run.  First few blocks felt stiff but it started to loosen up.  But after about 3 miles, it started to feel tight again.  I finished my 4 mile run, took a really hot shower and went to bed.  This morning, first few steps out of bed, I thought the dang thing was going to snap.  I'll try one more 4 miler tomorrow and decide Saturday morning if I'm going to run the Rocky 25K.  I so wish I can run it.

Hope you voted.  I'm going to bed.  I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning who our new president elect is.