Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Distance:4.11 miles
Time:0 hr 37 min 55 secs
Pace:9:14 min/miles
Shoes:Asics Kayano XIII #2 
- 129.3 miles total on these shoes
Weight176 lbs
Calories burned:529.8 kcal

Mile 1: 9:27 
Mile 2: 9:22 
Mile 3: 9:08
 Mile 4: 9:02 
0.11: 0:56 (8:17 pace)

It actually felt really good to be out and about today.  Other than the Almond butter smeared french bread I gorged on after coming home, telling me it was still in the stomach, it really felt good.  Check out my perfection on negative splitting today.  Hopefully, I can have another one like this tomorrow night.  I hope to be running on Lake Woodlands Drive during my son's TKD class at the Y.

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TX Runner Girl said...

Great job!!!