Sunday, October 05, 2008

October's First Long Run

Type:Long run
Distance:13.25 miles
Time:2 hr 07 min 59 secs
Pace:9:40 min/miles
Shoes:Asics Kayano XIII #2 
- 125.2 miles total on these shoes
Calories burned:1707.6 kcal
Mile 1: 10:00
Mile 2: 9:54
Mile 3: 10:16 
Mile 4: 10:02
Mile 5: 9:26 
Mile 6: 9:27 
Mile 7: 10:02 
Mile 8: 9:20 
Mile 9: 9:34
Mile 10: 9:17 
Mile 11: 9:14 
Mile 12: 9:33 
Mile 13: 9:32 
0.26: 2:22 (9:18 pace)

Coming closer to race form.  Although pace was all over the place.  Fastest paces can be attributed to when I was day dreaming.  I had 2 good ones today.  One was planning aroad trip to Orlando and the other was about getting a motor bike again.  I used to have a fast Honda in the early 90's before resposibility and common sense manifested itself.  If I was the youngest sibling, I'd probably have a bike already.  But being a middle child, I need to balance that with the need of the family and practicality of owning such a machine.

Back to running.  I suppose I have the stamina to do OK at the Houston Half.  I should be planning a 16 miler run to get ready for the next level.

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