Monday, October 27, 2008

No Official Results Yet

No results posted yet.  So I'll have to defer to my unofficial Garmin ones.

I must not be an efficient runner when it comes to picking the correct apex for turns.  My Garmin says I ran 13.24 miles.  Which is a good thing because that means I got a little more for my money.  1815 calories.  That was a good thing too.  Especially since I pigged out at Sweet Tomato after the run.  And I mean PIGGED out.  1:59:52.  This was satisfying because it was just under 2 hours.  I really ran my lights out after the last turn.  It felt good too.


Mile 1:  8:56
Mile 2:  8:54
Mile 3:  9:08
Mile 4:  9:10
Mile 5:  9:15
Mile 6:  8:52
Mile 7:  9:14
Mile 8:  9:16
Mile 9:  9:17
Mile 10:  9:12
Mile 11:  9:07
Mile 12:  8:57
Mile 13:  8:46
0.24:  1:52 (7:49 pace)

I guess I didn't really negative split.  I felt fast during the last loop though.  Maybe the wind picked up.  I'm quite certain if Barbara was out there cheering, I would have negative split.  But apparently, she was sick and stuck in Champion Forest.  Hmmmm, mile 9 was slowest.  I must have slowed down to hear TIR teammate Joe Carey calling my splits at that point.  Jon was there cheering.  At one point he called out, "You're the 4th placed blogger right now!"  Funniest moment for me was at the start,  Norman Langwell calls me out in the starting corral.  I go over and he says, "Are you running alone?  Wanna run with me?  How fast do you plan on running?"  I say, "About 9 minute pace."  He says, "Perfect."  Then the gun goes off and Norman is outta there like bat out of hell, way faster than any 9 minute pace I've seen in my life.  He might have been the fasted 7 Hills club member that day.

Peace Out!  Go vote.


TX Runner Girl said...

Wow, great job Holden!!! said...

Nice job, Holden. I see that my motivational speech worked though. :)

K said...

Awesome running, Holden!

Jamoosh said...

Excellent run!

Always keep in mind that according to USTAF rules, the course must be a MINIMUM of 13.1 miles. So technically, if you did the shortest route possible, the course is still an offical 13.1 mile course even though it's 13.24 miles long.