Friday, October 17, 2008


No more boring running data from Holden.  My Garmin went kaput.  My Timex went kaput.  What the heck?  Is someone trying to tell me something?  I was forced to run last night without a measuring device.  Bummer.  So here is my stats:

4.14 miles.

I signed up for geezer soccer league last week and went to my first practice last night.  Because our team was short of over 35 players, we had to add some younglings and join the under 35 league.  We expect to get slaughtered, maybe.  Here are some mental notes I took.

1.  Don't go running before a soccer scrimmage, no matter how fit you think you are.
2.  Long distance running typically goes in linear fashion.
3.  Stops, cuts, side running, back pedalling, jumping, running, running while looking up, and generally a lot of sprinting are good core exercises for running.
4.  Soccer is good speed work.
5.  Cleats make you turn much faster than most 42 year old's joints can handle.
6.  This will manifest itself the following morning.
7.  Aleve is my best friend.
8.  Let's see, this is the first time I've played organized soccer since playing intra-murals at college and that was like 20 years ago.

I'm experiencing Garmin withdrawal symptoms.  How the heck am I suppose to run LSD this weekend?


Evan Guy said...

YES!! I'm pretty sure I told you about running Boston with NO watch!

Toss the electronics! Hell yeah! Toss the electronics and just GO RUN!

It's actually liberating! You don't stress and aren't concerned because you have NO IDEA how you really did!!

Hey, to each his or her worked for me!! I haven't owned a running watch since!

Goo luck with the soccer! You're a braver man than me. :):):)

K said...

How to run a LSD without a watch... one foot in front of the other, for a long time. I bet you'll love it!!

When are your geezer games?

Sarah said...

Soccer is an insanely good workout. I played regularly a few years ago, but my women's league died due to lack of enough teams. I miss it.

Adrienne said...

I used to play some soccer myself...and then I switched to running!