Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still No Results for Houston Half Marathon

What the hell is going on with Houston Half?  I still see no results.  Are we going to get results soon?

Went to soccer scrimmage last night.  After 90 minutes of blissful playing, my groin and achilles are just screaming.  What have I gotten myself into?  League play starts next Tuesday.  Hope it's not too embarrassing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Rocky Raccon 25K

I just entered!  If this one goes well, I might have to turn to the dark side for a while and run the 50K later on.  Hello Sunmart!

No Official Results Yet

No results posted yet.  So I'll have to defer to my unofficial Garmin ones.

I must not be an efficient runner when it comes to picking the correct apex for turns.  My Garmin says I ran 13.24 miles.  Which is a good thing because that means I got a little more for my money.  1815 calories.  That was a good thing too.  Especially since I pigged out at Sweet Tomato after the run.  And I mean PIGGED out.  1:59:52.  This was satisfying because it was just under 2 hours.  I really ran my lights out after the last turn.  It felt good too.


Mile 1:  8:56
Mile 2:  8:54
Mile 3:  9:08
Mile 4:  9:10
Mile 5:  9:15
Mile 6:  8:52
Mile 7:  9:14
Mile 8:  9:16
Mile 9:  9:17
Mile 10:  9:12
Mile 11:  9:07
Mile 12:  8:57
Mile 13:  8:46
0.24:  1:52 (7:49 pace)

I guess I didn't really negative split.  I felt fast during the last loop though.  Maybe the wind picked up.  I'm quite certain if Barbara was out there cheering, I would have negative split.  But apparently, she was sick and stuck in Champion Forest.  Hmmmm, mile 9 was slowest.  I must have slowed down to hear TIR teammate Joe Carey calling my splits at that point.  Jon was there cheering.  At one point he called out, "You're the 4th placed blogger right now!"  Funniest moment for me was at the start,  Norman Langwell calls me out in the starting corral.  I go over and he says, "Are you running alone?  Wanna run with me?  How fast do you plan on running?"  I say, "About 9 minute pace."  He says, "Perfect."  Then the gun goes off and Norman is outta there like bat out of hell, way faster than any 9 minute pace I've seen in my life.  He might have been the fasted 7 Hills club member that day.

Peace Out!  Go vote.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

2008 Houston Half Marathon

Unofficial Results:


9:09 pace

Weather was pretty decent.  Lots of folks.  I was able to turn on the jets during the last loop for a successful negative split.

Gonna take a nap now.  Official results not yet posted.  It was nice to see old running friends today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barack HUSSEIN Obama

So what's up with middle names this election cycle.  Since when is it taboo saying a candidates middle name?  Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Harry S. Truman.  Dwight D. Eisenhower.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  Lyndon Bains Johnson.  Richard Milhouse Nixon.  George Herbert Walker Bush.  William Jefferson Clinton.  George Dubya Bush.  It is pretty much American tradition.

It is freakin' Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

There is nothing wrong with it.  It is not racial.  It is not politically incorrect.  It is just his name for crying out loud.

Getting all psyched up for Houston Half...  Yeah!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Voted Today

I spent the last day and half at the Montgomery County Court house to answer summons for Jury Duty.  That's how long it took for this particular case to pick jurors.  It was a drunk driving case that included death of 2 innocent people.  Fortunately for me, I was not picked.  As I was leaving, I noticed a polling place across the street so there I went and got my voting fix taken care of also.

I voted for:


I could go into a long dissertation on why I voted for these fellows but this is not the right forum for that.  I also must not forget to pick-up my half marathon packet this week.

I also voted for Fred Edwards, the 9th district judge, the same presiding judge at the trial I was at. I personally think judges should be appointed rather than voted but what the heck, until rules change, I guess I'll be voting for them.

Go vote.  Many a people suffered and died for this right that we take for granted today.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ist Die Garmin Kaput?


Ja, Nein!

Other German words I know,

Mercedes Benz,

My Garmin is alive!  I was fiddling around with it last night as I was on to buy another one when the Garmin came alive.  Wunderbar!!!

So, I ran 9.93 miles exactly this morning!  Weather was perfect and I was sluggish from eating a cowboy burger at Appleby's yesterday but the run went very well.

Funny how some of my TIR teammates have retired from soccer and moved on to running while salmon head Choi here is going the other way.  I must admit, after recovering from last Thursday's workout, I feel so much better about my running.

Friday, October 17, 2008


No more boring running data from Holden.  My Garmin went kaput.  My Timex went kaput.  What the heck?  Is someone trying to tell me something?  I was forced to run last night without a measuring device.  Bummer.  So here is my stats:

4.14 miles.

I signed up for geezer soccer league last week and went to my first practice last night.  Because our team was short of over 35 players, we had to add some younglings and join the under 35 league.  We expect to get slaughtered, maybe.  Here are some mental notes I took.

1.  Don't go running before a soccer scrimmage, no matter how fit you think you are.
2.  Long distance running typically goes in linear fashion.
3.  Stops, cuts, side running, back pedalling, jumping, running, running while looking up, and generally a lot of sprinting are good core exercises for running.
4.  Soccer is good speed work.
5.  Cleats make you turn much faster than most 42 year old's joints can handle.
6.  This will manifest itself the following morning.
7.  Aleve is my best friend.
8.  Let's see, this is the first time I've played organized soccer since playing intra-murals at college and that was like 20 years ago.

I'm experiencing Garmin withdrawal symptoms.  How the heck am I suppose to run LSD this weekend?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Distance:4.11 miles
Time:0 hr 37 min 55 secs
Pace:9:14 min/miles
Shoes:Asics Kayano XIII #2 
- 129.3 miles total on these shoes
Weight176 lbs
Calories burned:529.8 kcal

Mile 1: 9:27 
Mile 2: 9:22 
Mile 3: 9:08
 Mile 4: 9:02 
0.11: 0:56 (8:17 pace)

It actually felt really good to be out and about today.  Other than the Almond butter smeared french bread I gorged on after coming home, telling me it was still in the stomach, it really felt good.  Check out my perfection on negative splitting today.  Hopefully, I can have another one like this tomorrow night.  I hope to be running on Lake Woodlands Drive during my son's TKD class at the Y.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Road ID

Hey Everyone,

I just ordered one of the best products ever.  It's called a Road ID - perhaps you've heard of it.  If you haven't, go to their website and check it out.  Road ID is a great product that could save your life someday.

When I ordered, they gave me a coupon that I could pass along to my friends.  Here's the coupon number:

Coupon Number:  ThanksHolden413399

The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 11/05/2008.  To order, simply go to or click the link below:

If you prefer, you can call them at 800-345-6335.

You can thank me later,

Holden Choi

Oh by the way, their website is awesome, the customer service is outstanding, and the owners are very smart and good looking.

October's First Long Run

Type:Long run
Distance:13.25 miles
Time:2 hr 07 min 59 secs
Pace:9:40 min/miles
Shoes:Asics Kayano XIII #2 
- 125.2 miles total on these shoes
Calories burned:1707.6 kcal
Mile 1: 10:00
Mile 2: 9:54
Mile 3: 10:16 
Mile 4: 10:02
Mile 5: 9:26 
Mile 6: 9:27 
Mile 7: 10:02 
Mile 8: 9:20 
Mile 9: 9:34
Mile 10: 9:17 
Mile 11: 9:14 
Mile 12: 9:33 
Mile 13: 9:32 
0.26: 2:22 (9:18 pace)

Coming closer to race form.  Although pace was all over the place.  Fastest paces can be attributed to when I was day dreaming.  I had 2 good ones today.  One was planning aroad trip to Orlando and the other was about getting a motor bike again.  I used to have a fast Honda in the early 90's before resposibility and common sense manifested itself.  If I was the youngest sibling, I'd probably have a bike already.  But being a middle child, I need to balance that with the need of the family and practicality of owning such a machine.

Back to running.  I suppose I have the stamina to do OK at the Houston Half.  I should be planning a 16 miler run to get ready for the next level.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sign Me Up

Signed up for Houston Half Marathon today.  I have scheduling conflicts with Huntsville Half, 10 for Texas and USA 10 Miler.  So, this race just happened to be the next long race in Houston.  Not that I'm complaining.  This has always been a well run race with a nice tech shirt.  Yes, I run for the shirts.  Which brings me to HMSA 25K.  Houston Masters give out a very nice long sleeve....  I hope I can run that one also.

Still running.  Couple of after work runs this week.  One just below 9 min. pace and one just over.