Saturday, July 19, 2008

Looong Run

Slowly coming back to form. Lately, my weekday runs are taking place after work and that means temps in the 90's. So what ever the temp was this morning at 5:44, it was feeling pretty good. All relative I suppose. I ran down Greenbridge, east on Research, south on Cochran's Crossing, west on Lake Woodlands, west on Sterling Ridge, North on Bear Branch, East on Research, back north on Greenbridge to home. 13 plus miles. On Sterling Ridge, about half a mile before Bear Branch, I was over taken by a bunch of Green Woodlands Fitters. Green runners are the fast variety and it was surreal as I heard their foot falls on concrete and got closer and closer. It was like I was the "prey" and them the galloping horde of some kind. They eventually overtook me. Their Coach Dan Green was in the lead and said "Hi." I had one lady runner ask me if I was that blogger guy. I forgot to ask her for her name... Sorry! But they were all passing me by so there wasn't much time for conversation. Then I met the sweeper dude, an assistant coach and a yellow runner who I guess is thinking about joining the Green group. I ran with them for about a mile and half at around 9 ~ 9:15 pace. I forgot their names.... But I know the assistant coach is like a 3:30 marathoner so Boston is pretty close to his realm. The green runners were doing 6 today.

The best part of long distance? After burning about 1500 calories, I get to eat whatever I want today.

Time of Day: 5:44 AM
Distance: 13.23 miles
Time: 2 hr 17 min 05 secs
Pace: 10:22 min/miles
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7 - 183.4 miles
Weight: 175


K said...

Sorry we missed you, Holden! There was a mini-marathon going down Sterling Ridge at about 7:45 with runners from both Fall and Winter Fit, TNT, and others. It was amazing!

I wonder if those runners were Dan Jordan and Susan Rouse??

They looped us several times today.

Are you running Chicago this year? said...

Are you sure that was The Woodlands HS Coach Dan Green? Dan was at the Lunar Rendezvous Run 5K Saturday morning at 7 a.m. (for a 7:30 a.m. start).

Holden said...

Well, it was about the 9th mile and I was totally dehydrated...Dan Jordan maybe?

Since Jon knows everything there is to know about local running, I'll defer to his comment.

K said...

Dan Jordan was out there and he was running with Susan Rouse, so I'll bet it was him.

I second the dementia induced by the 9th mile... I can't count at all after that!