Friday, April 11, 2008

In Response to Karen

Running Is All Fun And Games.

Where else can you get a dozen adults to ride a minivan together for 30 odd hours with little sleep and minimal hygiene and think it was so great that they want to do it again next year? Where else do you get the freedom to just step out and run? Where else do you get the satisfaction of getting a jump start on the rest of the world by running and witnessing a glorious sunrise? Where else can you meet a greater concentration of goal setting, great looking, great attitude featuring folks that eat the right kind of food? Where else can you meet the least concentration of smokers?

Where else can you find serious folks that don't take themselves too seriously?

I'm tagging, Bill Dwyer, Jon Walk, Jamoosh, Joe Carey and Sarah.

I have 10.3 miles of running left to do for the remainder of the week. So after speed work tomorrow at the RTW 5K, I'll have 7.2 miles left for Sunday. I know the perfect course to run that around Alden Bridge. It looks like the weather will be great for running on both Saturday and Sunday morning. I'll have to go out and enjoy as many cool morning days as possible as I think the end of cool running weather is upon us.
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K said...

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I love that picture!

Good tags... I wanted to tag them too, but I figured I needed to leave some to you and the others I tagged!

Katy said...

my sentiments exactly!