Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mucus Membrane Alert

I woke up with a runny nose. Was that a pun? But then, it was runny not running. Conversations with myself went like this today.

Devil Me: "I don't think I have the energy today."
Angel Me: "Oh, I don't know, the weather seem nice enough, besides, you'll feel better after a few blocks."
Devil Me: "I don't know, the legs are super heavy, I don't want an injury."
Angel Me: "OK, I suppose you can make it up at Memorial Park during your lunch today. Maybe 2 loops? Them crushed granite will prevent injury. Most definitely."
Devil Me: "Never mind, I feel good now! I'm going out there to Run!!!"

Time of Day: 6:01 AM
Distance: 4.24 miles
Time: 36 min 35 secs
Pace: 8:38 min/miles
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7 (83.52)
Weight: 174 lbs.
Calories burned: 541.1 kcal

The nose kept on running. So far this morning, I've taken 4 of those tiny Benadryl pills. Very drowsy. I can use a nap right now.

Mile 1: 8:59
Mile 2: 8:42
Mile 3: 8:48
Mile 4: 8:17
0.24: 1:48

I'm going to take Friday off and race on Saturday. Then, a 7 miler on Sunday before Mass.

I hope I'm not coming down with something.


TX Runner Girl said...

Way to go for getting out there despite the runny nose! BTW, I am really looking forward to the RTW 5k series! :-)

K said...

Try some Emergen -C. I got it at walmart. Great energy boost and a nice dose of Vitamin C...

I'll see you on Saturday!!

Katy said...

umhm...that's how it starts. I hope you don't end up like me - coughing like a TB patient!

I'm skipping RTW again this weekend. The Huntsville 5K is the same day. Good luck! How about back-to-back RTW PR's???