Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Beat

Saturday morning, I met up with Karen and Pete for some running. Pete is a friend of Karen's and is also on a TIR team. Turns out he also goes to the same church as I. Small world. I signed up for a 7 miler which was good for one of the loops Karen mapped out. Karen and Pete ended up doing another loop to get their long run mileage up to 13 plus miles. Despite the constant threat of rain, it held off, although I was drenched in my own sweat. One thing about a group run. I always enjoy it. I should do it more often.

Mile 1: 9:54
Mile 2: 9:36
Mile 3: 9:28
Mile 4: 9:40
Mile 5: 11:18 (walk break - killer humidity)
Mile 6: 9:44
Mile 7: 10:27 (walk break)
0.27: 2:47

Distance: 7.26 miles
Time: 1 hr 12 min 55 secs
Pace: 10:03 min/miles
Shoes: Asics Kayano XIII (232.4)
Weight: 177 lbs.
Calories burned: 940.3 kcal (773.7 kcal/hr)

Sunday afternoon, I was very tempted to go out running again. But I was pooped. 3 straight days of running just burnt me out. So I switched and went swimming instead. 40 minutes of lap swimming at the Y.

Next race: This coming Saturday's RTW 5K.


K said...

I was so tempted to get out there again today, but my legs were killing me...

Are you doing RTW or the new Muddy Trails next weekend?

Holden said...

I'm going to do the RTW and challenge my 24:44 PR I set almost 2 years ago.

K said...

Dang... that's a tall order!