Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tune Up

Evening run. Slept in this morning. Actually, I did wake up but it was too friggin cold so I rolled over and slept some more. So lazy....

Evening was just as pleasant, with low humidity and gentle breezes. I think the temp was in the upper 50's.

Mile 1: 8:16
Mile 2: 8:19
Mile 3: 8:27
Mile 4: 8:34
0.17: 1:22

Distance: 4.17 miles
Time: 34 min 57 secs
Pace: 8:23 min/miles
Shoes: Asics Kayano XIII (239.71)
Weight: 174 lbs.
Calories burned: 532.2 kcal (913.7 kcal/hr)

For TIR, I need to maintain a sub 9 min/mile pace to not let my team down. I think this should not be a problem on the first day but I'm wondering how I'd respond on the second day. It should be interesting.


barbara said...

I predict you'll get faster with each portion of the race.

jamoosh said...

Holden, repeat after me:

I am a machine. I am not affected by lack of sleep, the elements, or random animals in the night. I am a machine...

TX Runner Girl said...

LOL, yeah what jamoosh said! Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great. I will thinking of ya'll. :-)