Friday, February 29, 2008

Texas Independence Relay - Prologue

TIR is finally here! Let's see. Bag is packed. I hope I left nothing behind. I keep having this recurring nightmare both when I'm awake and when I'm sleeping that when I finally get to Gonzalez and my team is ready to run the prologue, I am shoeless..... All 3 pairs of my running shoes are back in The Woodlands. Shoeless Joe, shoeless Choi. Almost rhymes. Sigh.

The journey starts tomorrow morning at 1:30 AM. That is my alarm time. My ride should be picking me up at 2:10 AM. From that point on, there will be a little sleeping, a little running, a little eating, a little costume changing all in the tiny confines of a minivan which will be filled with 6 to 7 teammates for 30 plus hours. Our team, the Battling Bloggers of the Texas Republic is a true 21st Century team. We mostly all met each other the 21st Century way, through the Internet, through the web log phenomenon. Our backgrounds and interests are as diverse as the world wide web, but brought together as a team in this inaugural TIR by our common love of running and our intense desire to defeat the Texian Road Warriors.

I can't wait for the fun to begin!

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bar-bar-a said...

I talked to Cassie a minute ago! I'm just catching up on everyone's blog for the first time at almost 10pm.

I can't wait to hear all about it!