Friday, February 22, 2008

More Shoes

I've Done it again. I bought another pair of running shoes. Darn internet. Actually, it was on deep discount as the replacement model was out. I bought a pair of Adrenaline GTS 7, size 10.5 2E.
Asics Gods will probably punish me with some kind of an injury as this is the first pair of non Asiscs shoes I've bought since I started running (not counting the Reeboks I was wearing in the very beginning which the nice folks at Luke's told me to throw away because it was the wrong shoes at the wrong time on the wrong feet.) The same guy at Luke's also told me I was a mild over pronator and needed stability shoes. He also taught me the nuances of moisture wicking fabrics, hydration and nutrition. Most of that was way over my head that day but, all that got me all curious and started my journey down the rabbit hole. Who knew running was so technical? That would have been during the spring of 2005 Ahhh, the good old days.
Long term weather forecast for the TIR weekend currently looks like this:
Saturday: 71/50 with 30% chance of rain
Sunday: 72.51 with 10% chance of rain
This would be great if the forecast stays like this.

3 comments: said...

Just a little bit cooler would work best for me. Maybe 62/45.

Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by! LOL anything about 30 degrees would be my cup of tea hehe.

Tommy said...

I run in GTS 7's. I liked the GTS 6's better. Hopefully the 7's will work well for you.

I hate that the shoe companies change models every year. When I find a pair I like I should buy 8 or 10 of them.