Friday, January 18, 2008

Swimming, swimming, swimming

I can't run and I can't walk well so the only exercise left for me to do is swimming. I've been swimming every other day since the marathon for 40 minutes at a pop. I can tell that my cardio is pretty fit because I just don't tire. I get into a good rhythm and I just zone out. Next thing I know, it's time for a shower. My plan is to stay off the Kayano's until the 4th Saturday of this month and hit the RTW 5K race. I hope my hip will feel better by then. I'm targeting an 8 minute mile pace for that race without puking at the end.


K said...

no puking = good plan!

Holden said...

no puking is a glad plan, especially when your stomach is empty.

Tiggs said...

i would LOVE to be able to swim for 40 minutes. ugh. jealous. I get tired after 200 yards!