Friday, January 11, 2008

Prelude to 2008 Disney World Marathon

Happy New Year Everyone! Hello Tiggs!

Sorry for the lack of postings. Much events have been happening around me lately and it has occupied a lot of my time. Leading up to today, I have racked up some terrible times at the 25K and the 30K, attributable in some part to warm weather but mostly to my lack of fitness.

Looking at the Orlando weather for this Sunday, it seems my warm weather trials will continue. forecasts a starting temperature of 60 degrees and possible 74 degrees by the time I'm done. I wish it would be 10 degrees cooler but why fret over details you cannot control?

I am nursing a huge left big toe sprain I sustained about a week after the 30K. I hyper extended all the ligaments that hold the toe. It swelled up tremendously. It's mostly better now but still hurts.

My other problem is the right hip socket. It started to hurt like crazy around the 15th mile of the 30K and has gotten progressively worse. To alleviate the pain, I have taken off from running since last Saturday. Hopefully the extra rest will let me run pain free.

On a happier note, Continental Airlines informed me this morning that I'm being upgraded to first class. How cool is that? I'd rather be upgraded on the return flight but beggars can't be choosers. Thank goodness for Elite Membership.

Good luck to everyone running half or the full this weekend. I hope to bring back one cool looking Mickey finishers medal with me. Perhaps I'll wear it all the way back to Houston.


Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

Good luck, man! have fun!

Sarah said...

Good luck Holden!

jamoosh said...

Easy does it Holden. Have fun and bring back the bling!

K said...

Have a great time, Holden! Please post more often!!