Monday, January 14, 2008

Garmin Time

I wore the 205. This was my first race experience with the Forerunner.

So here is Garmin Data:

Time: 5:31:08
Ave. Pace: 12:30/mile
Distance: 26.5 miles
Calories: 3,264

Having burnt off 3,000 plus calories, I thought about eating a huge portion of something heart clogging and so totally fattening. Unfortunately for me, I was queasy all afternoon.


bar-bar-a said...

I hate to eat after I run. I know they say all the time for better recovery, etc. to eat soon after.

No way, no how.

I went to get the 405 for the husband's birthday this week. Not available yet. I'm very bummed.

I told him I'm moving his birthday back by a month.

Congrats on the finish! How did the experience compare to Chicago?

Tiggs said...

After NYC I couldn't eat til the next day. I tried choking a bit down, but was queasy until the next afternoon....

K said...

I still can't eat. I have been queasy ever since. I'm praying it passes soon.

Are you wearing your super cool medal to Mass on Sunday???

Holden said...


The temp was a lot cooler than Chicago and I only saw one runner pass out almost at the end but water and Powerade was never out. I saw many runners take Powerade, then water then more water to pour on their heads. The water stations were lined up on both sides of the road and they stretched it out so that there was no bunching.

Disney did a super marvelous job of organizing this race and it was a real treat to run through the parks but even so, I think I pefer running through a city. So, despite the problems at Chicago this year, I think I'd enjoy Chicago over Disney.

K, I'll be wearing my medal at the 9 AM mass........ ;)

BTW, the queasiness is finally behind me. I ate like a fiend today.