Monday, January 14, 2008

Disney Marathon Souvenirs

This year's medal looks quite difference from previous years as this year's run marked Disney's 15th anniversary Marathon. Disney folks also handed out "special" gifts to a dedicated few that has competed in all 15 marathons. The long sleeve tech shirt is also pretty cool. I saw many runners wearing the tech shirt at the airport last night. A few Goofy runners were wearing all 3 medals. I would too if I was that good. But alas, I just barely finished 26.2 miles. Can't possibly imagine doing another 13.1 like Mr. Dykas of the Cooper Jamoosh fame.
Numbers, numbers...
12,964 finishers
6720 male marathoners
6204 female marathoners
I came in 7754th overall, 4620th male finisher.
5:31:07 chip time
49:38 @ 5 miles
1:40:57 @ 10 miles
2:16:14 @ half
3:51:15 @ 20 miles
I basically sucked. Temperature gauge on the rental car's thermometer was 61 degrees when I got out of the car around 3:45 AM and 79 degrees on my way out of Epcot's parking lot. It was humid, 90 percent humidity I think. There was more than enough water and Powerade throughout the course. 25 water stops! Most I've ever seen in a marathon. Marathon start was split into 2 groups, starting off on different road until the two groups joined up just passed mile 3 inside the Epcot center. This allowed for pretty smooth 1st water stop and no stop and go. I never felt bunched up. This was very good. (I guess this might be something new for this year.)
Funniest part of this whole thing was sleeping the night before the event. I set my Timex for 3 AM, wake up call at 3 AM and the bed side clock for 3 AM. I was just outside the gates of Disney in an Embassy Suites and was literally 10 minutes to the staging area. Disney wanted runners to be at the staging area by 4AM so thus the early wake up time. However, I must have jumped out of bed about 4 times thinking I missed the alarm. Can you imagine flying all the way to Orlando and not being able to run because you slept through the alarm? So, not so much sleeping.
The left toe held up fine through out the run. Right hip socket on the other hand was a disaster. It started to hurt around the 6th mile. At every water break after that point, I had to stop and stretch the right leg in various directions to relieve the pain. By the 15th mile however, it just simply hurt raw. Normally, most pain subsides with walking. This pain was hurting whether I ran or walked. Sigh. Thus hobbling became my gait. Every 5 miles or so, there was a nice air conditioned Disney bus by the aid station. These buses would take me back to Epcot. I was sorely tempted to but the thought of returning home without Mickey Medal was just inconceivable. I hobbled onwards. By the 24th mile, it was so painful that I really wanted to just quit and sit on a bench. But 2 miles, how can I resist 2 more freaking miles? I must have told myself a bazillion times that this would be the last marathon ever! Just like back in college when I'd be puking up a storm and swearing in that drunken stupor that I will never drink like that ever! LOL.
So there you have it. A sad story of agony and of total defeat at the happiest place on earth. I'm so there for the 20th anniversary Marathon.


bar-bar-a said...

Hey, look at that! A racing report! Ignore my comment on the last post then; I hadn't seen this one yet.

That's why the adage is the sleep you get 2 nights before the race is the one that's important.

Glad to see you've traded up in your hobbies from puking to running.

(you aren't puking up from drunken stupors any more...are ya?)

Tiggs said...

Holden- congrats on finishing! That shirt and medal are too cool...makes me wanna sign up for 2009...except at the finish of NYC I said "NO MORE MARATHONS!" and I'm sticking to ealst for now ;o)

(the word veriification is teabidny)

K said...

That is the coolest medal! I just might have to sign up for that one... I don't know if I could take the heat though.

Congrats on finishing in spite of all that was working against you. Stubborness is a great quality, isn't it!?!

jamoosh said...

That is one sweet (15 year anniversary) medal - wish I had done it.

jamoosh said...

That is one sweet (15 year anniversary) medal - wish I had done it.

TX Runner Girl said...

Wow, I love that medal! I was thinking Disney in 2010, but I might wait for the 20th anniversary instead...if I am still running marathons in 2010. :-)

Keith said...

Congrats on the finish. Sounds like a tough day. Somebody made the analogy of marathoning to bullriding. You have to be graded on on your performance AND the difficulty of the bull.
Rock on.