Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chinquapin Trail

Went trail walking today in Huntsville State Park. It was wet and miserable but I was ready with layered clothing, water proof hiking boots and dry snacks. I also took a poncho but thankfully, it wasn't necessary.

Most of the Chinquapin Trail (which is almost 7 miles long) is used for the trail running events that take place in Huntsville. In fact, I was having flash backs to Rocky Raccoon 25K and Sunmart 50K. However, when hiking, you get to see your surroundings which is very different from running because when you run around these trails, you are always staring straight down to make sure you don't trip over anything. Being a nasty cold and wet weekday, I might have been the only person at the park. Did not see another soul except the park ranger.

Next time, I'll hike the Triple C Trail. Looks to be about a 10 miler.


barbara said...

It is nearly always beautiful there, but I have to say when it gets really muddy there. Nothing that a good pair of shoes won't fix.

bar-bar-a said...

Oops. I meant