Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fall Colors!

Taken with a Camera Phone on a recent trip to Charlotte, NC. Fall colors were in full bloom! The scenery was breath taking. Wow! I wished I had a proper camera on me but alas, the camera phone had to do from behind the windshield as I drove.
First run with my Garmin.
Well, I kept looking at it to check my pace. It was too dark to see and I hadn't figured out where the back lighting button was so every time I ran by a street light, I caught myself checking my pace. Hmmm. Well, it was telling me that I ran 3 miles at 26:19 and that my pace was 8:46. After the run, I figured out how to work the autolap feature so next time, I'll get you a mile by mile breakdown. Surprisingly, it does not feel bulky once you get going.
Has anyone tried to wear this onto an airplane? I wonder if the Garmin will freak out if you turned it on during flight with one mile autolap? It'd be beeping a lot and your pace would be pretty wacked out as you'd be "running" at 500 miles per hour. I'm quite sure it will acquire the satellites if you put it next to a window.


jamoosh said...

I carry a small digital camera in my back pack just in case.

Sarah said...

Charlotte! My hometown! Aw, it's always so pretty. Did you run there?

Holden said...

No running I'm afraid. It was one of those first flight in, last flight out type of a day.